Working Genius Workup

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Trying to squeeze out more productivity? Working Genius is a new model and assessment created by organizational health guru Pat Lencioni, author of works such as The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and Death By Meeting. 

The model divides work into six phases, the assessment uncovers your 2 Working Genius phases that give you joy and energy, along with your 2 working competencies and your 2 working frustrations. Increased productivity comes from focusing your work efforts in the areas of your Working Geniuses while outsourcing or delegating the work that is frustrating for you and enjoyable for someone else. There are larger implications for team productivity and organizational health. All teams and projects should include people who can cover all six Working Genius phases.

The single physician Working Genius Workup includes a pre-assessment executive coaching session over Zoom, the on-line assessment itself, and a debrief and planning session. The sessions are conducted by Shayne Taback, MD FRCP CEC, a certified executive coach and Certified Working Genius Facilitator.