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Burnout Can Hit Physicians Hard

The WHO defines burnout as “a legitimate occupational experience [not a medical diagnosis] that organizations need to address, characterized by three dimensions”: 1) exhaustion, 2) increased mental distance from the work / negativity / cynicism, and 3) reduced professional efficacy. Large numbers of physicians are undoubtedly affected

Severe burnout develops only as a result of imbalances between worklife needs and reality in multiple areas requiring attention: workload, control, reward, community, fairness, and values.

Departments must learn the organizational strategies that promote a healthy learning and work environment (the best wellness strategy is a good boss!) and how to successfully prevent, identify, and intervene for physicians affected by burnout.

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Start An Audiobook Practice—5 Curated Titles

Some of the best choices for audiobooks are those that give you more insight each time that you listen to them. Leading American business thinker Seth Godin recently recommended several such audiobooks, including one of his own, that would be useful on both initial listening and re-listening.


Here they are along with a suggestion for when they might help you the most. I hope they engage you.

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