The Physician's Journey To Work-Life Fulfilment

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Very small confidential group (4 physicians, 1 coach)

Meeting by zoom twice per month for 8 months (Oct through May)

Key Frameworks and Models

1) The Life Plan Review (LPR)

Small groups of people meet confidentially to think through their lives, develop workable life categories and identifiable goals.

The four components are 1) meetings where participants review their answers to fixed questions designed to improve your life, 2) self-monitoring between meetings, 3) life plan review at meetings, and 4) the importance of not doing it alone but rather with peer-support, accountability check-ins, and expert coaching. The LPR creates a safe space that keeps you safe, too. A safe space is for everyone, including the people we have been.

2) Marshall Goldsmith's AAA Framework (from "The Earned Life")
Aspiration refers to what we do in the service of a higher purpose in our life. The time horizon for Aspiration is infinite — we always aspire; we are always
becoming something and someone more.
Ambition represents focus on achieving defined goals. It is time-bound,
determined by how long it takes to achieve a goal.
Action represents our activities at a specific moment in time. Action’s time
horizon is immediate, forever in the now.

Learn to identify and move toward your core goals by aligning your short-term Actions to your medium-term Ambitions and your long-term Aspirations

Pam Singh, BA, BSW, MSW, CEC
Pam is a Psychotherapist and Transformational Executive Leadership Coach known for challenging and inspiring individuals/organizations to expand their perspectives/ awareness in facilitating and creating lasting positive change/growth. She utilizes a solution focused and values based approach honed by 20 years of experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Pam’s philosophy is to see all challenges as opportunities for greatness. Particularly skilled in the areas of trauma healing (PTSD), life transitions, depression, anxiety, work/life balance, and personal growth/development.

As a coach, Pam is considered to possess a warm, inviting and compassionate way of interaction and presence contributing to high levels of energy, action and demonstrated accountability from her clients. She has been described as using mind, heart and soul in her work with others which fosters a high level of trust, safety and increased personal empowerment. Pam is known to be a powerful change catalyst. Pam is a member of the BC College of Social Workers and the International Coach Federation.