Doctor, Redesigned 2022—Three Month Program

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A 90-Day Executive Coaching Program
For Physicians To Redesign Their Careers and Lives
Amid the Chaos, Change, and Innovation of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving change in society and health care at an astonishing rate. Now may be the best time to make the changes that you need in yourself, your career, or your work environment.

Program Features

  • For physicians experiencing difficult work or work-life challenges prior to COVID-19 and those facing new challenges owing to COVID-19
  • Complete confidentiality
  • A coaching process that works from your own goals, works with your own reality, and supports you to lead the change you want
  • Individual one-to-one coaching sessions every two weeks—
    total of 6 sessions in 90 days
  • Your choice of Certified Executive Coach from our six physician coaches
  • Screening instruments that cover “The 5 Determinants of a Great Life” and “The 6 Causes of the New Physician Burnout” and "Working Genius", which identifies the types of work you will enjoy and the types of work you should let others enjoy
  • General models for personal change and post-COVID-19 redesign
  • Planning and accountability tools to support your forward progress
  • Cost—$2,700 with option to renew coaching engagement at same rate