Physicians Embracing Leadership

A Group Leadership Development Program

What Will This Year Be About?
What Should I Learn?
What Will I Accomplish?

Why leadership development? Why executive coaching? Why individual versus group?

  1. Physician leadership, wellness, and quality of patient care are intrinsically linked
  2. Executive coaching effectively promotes leadership development by focusing on the whole person in their individual work setting—reflection on real leadership challenges, deep learning about personal mental models, and measurement of results that matter
  3. Individual executive coaching is especially appropriate for people confronting a very challenging opportunity, situation, or problem
  4. As a participant in this group couching, you will experience a social / relational learning process to augment your leadership development.

We are offering a coaching-based group program with the following design

  1. 6 month program offered via Zoom
  2. Small, supportive, confidential community of 4-8 physicians and 2 coaches —bios available at
  3. One 90-minute meeting per month, striving for complete attendance
  4. Each meeting will include time to discuss individual goals, a brief learning module, opportunities for participants to be coached, and individual planning for the month ahead
  5. Learning module topics to be chosen by the group; potential topic suggestions include: building cohesive teams, giving feedback the right way from the right place, self-compassion, coaching skills, working with complex challenges, increasing influence
  6. Priced at $1,350 (70% less than our individual executive coaching) Leadership development fees may be tax-deductible—check with your accountant

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