Group Programs Guide—January 2022

 We have posted our group programs that will start in January 2022.

We want to provide Canadian physicians with the support and deep learning that we need to make significant positive changes in our lives, practices, and healthcare systems. Physician leadership, physician wellness, and quality of care are intrinsically linked!

Our hallmark individual executive coaching programs continue.

One-to-one Leadership Development Coaching conducted over a minimum six month period, and our shorter 90-day program named Doctor, Redesigned.

We now offer three group programs.

Physicians Embracing Leadership will meet once per month to introduce leadership development coaching in a group setting.

Orchestrating Change also meets once per month and is for leaders planning or implementing change, The change could be a specific program initiative or there might be a need to change the culture of their organization.

Doc On Track consists of a small group of doctors who will meet confidentially for 1 hour each weekend (Saturday or Sunday) to share their life and career goals, plans, weekly progress and challenges. Prepare to be supported, assisted, and even pushed a bit toward your goals as the year progresses.



Dr. Shayne Taback is a pediatric subspecialist, research educator, and executive coach for physicians across the continuum from new graduate to C-Suite Chief Medical Officer. To learn more about him and our other coaches, please click here. Or to contact Shayne, please e-mail or click here. To regularly receive blog posts, please sign up to our newsletter below.