Dedicated To The Physicians of Canada

This blog is dedicated to the physicians of Canada and their efforts to lead positive change for themselves, their patients, and the Canadian healthcare systems.

Its name: Physician and Coach is meant to be descriptive on three levels

  1. Physician and Coach describes me, a Canadian medical graduate / Royal College certified subspecialist and certified executive coach from Royal Roads University
  2. Physician and Coach describes the partnership philosophy embodied in The Canadian Physician Support Company—Canadian physicians working through the most important challenges in their lives, with the confidential support, challenge, and accountability provided by their personal coach
  3. Physician and Coach describes you the Canadian physician who increasingly uses coaching skills in your life, your practice, and your leadership

Best regards,


Dr. Shayne Taback is a pediatric subspecialist, research educator, and executive coach for physicians across the continuum from new graduate to C-Suite Chief Medical Officer. To learn more about him and our other coaches, please click here. Or to contact Shayne, please e-mail or click here. To regularly receive blog posts, please sign up to our newsletter below.